Pastors & Staff

Matthew Hartman

Senior Pastor

Shalom, I am Pastor Matthew Hartman, blessed to serve as the senior pastor of our vibrant church family. Together with my devoted wife, Tabatha Hartman, we share a profound commitment to spreading the transformative message of Yeshua Jesus.
With fervent dedication, I lead our flock with a heart ablaze for guiding the lost toward the boundless salvation offered by our Savior. Each sermon I deliver is crafted with prayerful intention, seeking to ignite the flames of faith within each soul present. Moreover, I extend a hand of compassionate counsel, walking alongside our community members in their times of joy and trial. Central to my ministry is the belief in empowering our congregation to recognize and embrace their unique God-given gifts. I firmly believe that as we cultivate these talents, we become vessels of God's love, capable of effecting profound change both locally and globally. Our church stands as a beacon of hope, a sanctuary where healing and spiritual growth flourish. Through our unwavering commitment to fostering a warm and inclusive environment, we strive to extend God's love to all who enter our doors. Together, let us continue to journey in faith, united in our mission to shine the light of God's love brightly in our community and beyond.

Tabatha Hartman

Women's Ministry Leader

Greetings! I am Tabatha, honored to serve as the pastor's wife at Lion of Judah, the church where the Lord first convicted me of the need to be part of a faith community. Since the divine breakthrough in my life, there has been no looking back. I am deeply committed to this family of believers, grateful for the transformative years spent at Lion of Judah, and humbled by the Lord's grace.  At Lion of Judah, I serve as the leader of the women's ministry and the administrator of the Key of David prayer room. My dedication knows no bounds as I strive to contribute in any way possible to the flourishing of our church community. My love for God naturally extends to a love for people, motivating me to walk hand in hand with my husband, Pastor Matthew, as he fulfills the divine calling placed upon him. I am wholeheartedly devoted to nurturing and guiding our women's ministry in alignment with the timeless truths of the Bible. My greatest desire is to witness the collective growth and prosperity of our church family as we journey together, guided by faith, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of God's purpose. With open arms, I welcome you to join us on this transformative journey.

Bruce Kelley

Elder and leader of marriage ministry

Elder Bruce Allen Kelley is a captivating teacher, speaker and author, devoted to living a life dedicated to God, his Word, and his people. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he earned his master's in Divinity from Winebrenner Theological Seminary. With over 30 years of experience as a licensed counselor, Bruce specializes in marriage and substance abuse counseling, offering invaluable support and guidance to those in need. In his downtime, he finds joy in the company of his beloved wife, Rachale Kelley, and his family, or cheering on his favorite football team. Prepare to be inspired and entertained by Bruce's passion, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to teaching God's people.

Rachale Kelley

Pastor's Assistant and co-leader of marriage ministry

Meet Sister Rachale Kelley, an integral member of our church community and devoted wife of Elder Bruce Allen Kelley. With grace and dedication, Sister Rachale serves as the pastor's assistant, supporting the spiritual leadership of the church. Born and raised in New York, she brings warmth and compassion to her role, enriching the lives of those around her. Sister Rachale is not only an author and certified professional life coach but also assists her husband Bruce Kelley in teaching marriage classes, both dedicated to living a life for God. Beyond her duties, Sister Rachale finds joy in nurturing her family and fostering connections within the congregation. Seeing her grandson Christian is the highlight of her day. Prepare to be inspired by Sister Rachale's unwavering commitment to serving God's people and her genuine love for the church community.

Doctor Tom Baur

Children's Director

Dr. Tom Baur brings a unique blend of professional expertise and heartfelt dedication to his role in church leadership. As a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, he understands the importance of holistic care and applies this principle to his service within the congregation. Serving as the Director of the Children's Ministry, Dr. Baur is deeply committed to nurturing the spiritual growth and well-being of the youngest members of the church community. Alongside his professional pursuits, he finds strength and support in his role as husband to Rachel Baur and father of three, embodying the values of love, compassion, and partnership both within their family and throughout their ministry endeavors. Dr. Baur's leadership exemplifies a balance of faith, knowledge, and genuine care, enriching the spiritual journey of all who cross his path. 

Rachel Baur

Children's Director

Rachel Baur brings a wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to her role as co-leader of the children's ministry within our church community. With over 40 years of experience in hospitality and a lifelong commitment to serving within the church, Rachel's leadership is grounded in a deep understanding of nurturing and supporting others. As the wife of Dr. Tom Baur and a mother of three with the joy of being a grandmother to three, Rachel embodies the values of love, compassion, and family both within her own home and in her ministry endeavors. From her early years working in church settings since the age of 16 to her extensive involvement in children's ministry across various churches, Rachel's passion for guiding young hearts towards faith and love shines brightly, enriching the lives of countless children and families within our congregation. 

Michell Madden

Worship Leader

Shalom and blessing, I am Michell Madden; I have been saved, born again for over 20 years, and let me say what a journey it has been. I was raised in Pentecostal and full Gospel Baptist churches.  I was called to sing at eight years of age when my father would preach at our home church and travel to other churches.  I have had the honor of serving and attending with the most amazing leaders and family on Earth today at Lion of Judah for 14 years. I am blessed that the Lord has called me and equipped me to lead worship at Lion Of Judah for going on two years now with an amazing team that is a true family! I am so blessed by the love, support, freedom, covering, and guidance of our Pastor Matthew and Tabatha Hartman. May the Lord Bless all of his called-out ones and allow them to run this race until the end!!!  Chazak V'amatz (Be Strong and Courageous)