Rabbi and Cynthia Schneider, Apostolic Oversight
Rabbi and Cynthia Schneider provide apostolic oversight to the leaders at Lion of Judah.

Pastor Joshua, Associate Pastor & Worship Leader

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Our Worship Pastor, Pastor Joshua, came to Lion of Judah in 2005 after a divine/God encounter with Rabbi K.A. Schneider in a men’s clothing store in Toledo, OH. His primary calling is to lead worship at Lion of Judah and believes music has the power to usher in the Presence of God, remove darkness and connect people to intimacy with Jesus. One of his favorite quotes comes from a brain surgeon from Memphis, Tenn. “after 25 years of working on the brain, I still cannot affect people’s minds, the way one simple song can.” God-centered-music (which can be found at Lion of Judah, every service), can and will change your life for the better!

In addition to being a worship leader, Pastor Joshua preaches, teaches and handles Lion of Judah’s programming and production for WLMB television and our new show released in Octber, called “Lion of Judah TV” – which airs on Thursdays at 9:30 PM and Sunday at 9:30 AM.

He has a beautiful wife, Jessica, and four young children, Shiloh, River Lynn, Arrow Bella, and Chariot Grace.

Pastor Joe, Associate Pastor and Preaching Pastor

Pastor Joe came to Lion of Judah in 2008 while pursuing his soon to be wife, Julie, who had already been attending Lion of Judah. Shortly after, he realized the LORD was calling him to the ministry of preaching and teaching. Pastor Joe currently serves in the ministry of Outreach, Pastoral Care, preaching and teaching. He attends Lion of Judah with his beautiful wife Julie and their two beautiful daughters.